Countdown to Europe begins!

I’m leaving for Europe in about two weeks which seems INSANE. This always happens before I travel… doesn’t seem quite possible, but here I am hemmoraging money so it must be true. I’ve booked nearly everything but am currently waiting for my fancy travel VISA card which has lots of advantages for travel. Why didn’t I get one before? With all my debt I could travel around the world for free on the points. But money is not really my forte. Saving it, that is. Spending it is pretty fun.

The trip lasts from August 1-31. My itinerary is extremely silly and ambitious, but I’ve committed to it, so I must go come hell or high water. I’ll be going to Amsterdam, Utrecht, Paris, Bordeaux, Budapest, Fribourg Switzerland, and Colchester UK.

More details later. Must sleep.

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  1. Expensive is a relative term. It dnpeeds on how much you want to drink and eat, and if you want to go to discos. Do you plan to party every night? In general, it will cost you about as much as you spend in the U.S., but you also will pay for taxis. (Always ask the price of a taxi BEFORE you get in.)In typical tourist restaurants, you can expect to spend at least $50 for food and drinks. Don’t order shots of the best tequila without asking the price. Some shots are $50! Anything on the strip (malecon) is more expensive than in other areas. Beware of time share salesmen offering things for low prices or almost free. If you’d like to watch your money, watch for someone who is obviously a local, and ask them where THEY eat and party. I visited PV for 5 years and lived there for 3 years and didn’t find many bargains. I live in Manzanillo (165 miles south of PV) now, and find things are a lot more affordable and the people friendly and much less greedy. You should visit us some time.self


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