So I got picked up by a man named gonzo to start my trip to the Mayan temple. I got the VIP treatment as it turns out the head of archaeology for Belize and his entourage are traveling with us. So I got to meet his family and hang out with them. What a nice man.

We set up the tents etc then got a Tour with dr. Awe. It was very interesting. The temple at Caracol is the largest structure in Belize! Gotta like that. Then at the top of the temple some Mayan elders climbed to the top and lit some incense. I was surprised the most of the ppl there was drunk Americans. I was expecting some new age types of which I saw only one of.

I made friends with some loud Americans from georgia which was weird. They are really so different from the types I normally hang with. As soon as they began discussing god I had to zip my mouth. I stayed up till midnight to celebrate the new day along with two if the.cooler Americans even though I suspect they were all Romney supporters. Blech. We drank a lot of rum.

I had to have a little break at the foot of the temple in the pitch black. When I saw two glowing eyes. I am not superstitious. It the rum and the doomsday predictions and the fact I was in the jungle made me a bit nervous. When I went to check out the glowing eyes suddenly they looked at me then these huge wings unfolded and it flew right at me!! Of course I screamed like a little girl and it veered off and flew away. Turns out it was a nighthawk. Maybe it’s my spirit animal. Haha!!

Anyways it’s was all very interesting. I am now back on the islands enjoying a few down days before I head back home. There are rasta guys riding. Ike’s along the beach. Seems like it would make a good travel guide cover.