Haley and I arrived in Paris at around noon and found our way to the hotel which is in the 15th arrondissement. The subway system signage is much improved from what I remember back in the early ’90s. Now there are apps to help you get around. It was raining which is unfortunate but hey first world problems right?

We were hungry so went looking for food and just a few shops down from the hotel was an authentic looking place. I had linguine with tomatoes and basil. Wow it was amazing!

And my French came back magically. I don’t understand how I haven’t really used the language is 25 years and I can actually kind of communicate.

Okay so I have to say this. North Americans have this perception of the French which is absolutely false. They think the French are rude and snobby. Perhaps this came from Paris where the locals are swarmed by obnoxious tourists who have no manners.

We wandered around the city for about eight hours! The only really touristy thing we did was climb a lot of stairs up to the second platform of the Eiffel Tower. That structure is such an icon it seems surreal to be able to see it from practically anywhere downtown. There’s a gift shop on the second level where I found a petit prince fridge magnet! Had to buy it because of my tattoo.

Also we ate crepes and drank wine. Paris is gorgeous!!