Is it day four? Did I miss a day? Lol I don’t care any more. How do you say that in Spanish?

Holy fuck I’m so mellow. I need to find a way to keep travelling forever.

What did we do today? uhhhh I finally found some COLD milk for my cereal which was awesome because then my corn flakes did not turn into a disgusting mash (the coffee has hot milk coming out of a carafe which is fine for coffee but not so great for Corn Flakes)

We drove in our air conditioned bus downtown again to Plaza del San Fransisco. At which point we went into the cathedral which was nice but I guess I’m all cathedral’ed out from Europe this summer. Took some photos. We then walked to the photography museum in Plaza Vieja which was nice. Just a single room really but we all chose our favourite image and our least favourite image and critiqued them. Mitch is really into the technical stuff so we didn’t talk much about art school juxtaposition and the meaning of life etc. More about what a crappy job the photo journalist / lightroom technician did with the dodging and burning. The photos were nice… a collection of images of Fidel, Che, some baseball players, some famous people, some guerrillas going to war etc.

Then we had an assignment to take some black and white photos making it look like Havana in the ‘50s. Which is difficult… but not impossible. I think I got a couple good ones. I’ve decided to not post any of my best shots on Facebook. Leave those for the slideshow when I get home. Got some fun video too… not the best, but okay. Interesting stuff.

Then we wandered down to el Capitolo where the old car taxis offer tours. We hired a car (well, two) and I got the front seat! It was a hot day… and it was a convertible… got some good shots. We toured for an hour, for $10 each. The driver spoke very little English. But was pretty cute. So that’s okay lol.

Then it was time to get back to the hotel, for lunch, (where I fed cats pizza… they were awfully pretty) then some more Lightroom instruction. What a great program. Looking forward to using it.

Then dinner now everyone has bailed out and gone to bed. I wanted to go out kinda. Mitch was trying to get us to go party. I can tell he’s a wild one. Well he was. I just realized yesterday he looks like William Shatner a little.

Tomorrow we are either going to Viñales or walking down to the forest with the amazingly stunning ivy in walls hanging off trees. I’ve never seen anything like it. We would need to go early to catch the nice light. Anyways we have to play it by ear. Mitch will keep us busy regardless.

Thursday morning is free; we are going to the beach for a few hours. I need to see the beach. Can’t come all this way and not. We can rent a covered palapas which is a thatched hut thing to keep out of the sun.

Thursday night is the night shoot with tripod, flamenco dancing then dinner then jazz.

Friday is a free day… I want to buy cigars, go the Revolution museum and have dinner downtown.

Then up VERY early on Saturday, 4:00 AM to be precise. My bus leaves at 6:00 and my plane leaves at 1:00.