Currently in Brussels waiting on the train for some ‘operation’ to be completed. I think they’re switching engines or something. I was just travelling backwards at over 200km per hour. Feel slightly nauseated by travelling backwards but I’ll get over it. Cause I’ll be in Paris soon. Eating a croissant. Forecast calls for rain but I hope it holds off until tomorrow.

We’re just staying in Paris for a night and then off to Bordeaux on the train.

Haley my niece and I went kayaking yesterday through the canals of Utrecht. It was so beautiful! That was only the second time I ever kayaked so it took a while to get used to it. My ass went numb and my back was a little sketchy but no harm done so far. We brought a small bottle of wine with us and some snacks and had a nice leisurely time of it. Beside the canal on some steps we came across a dude with a banjo singing to some Japanese tourists. He was really good! I think we surmised he was Canadian from the type of music he was playing (singer songwriter type like ray lamontagne) and from what he was saying to the tourists. Haley and I creeped him by sticking around out of sight under the bridge hoping he would sing again but he didn’t.

So we’re now in France! I know because I get texts from the Dutch carrier telling me how much it is to call and text.

So observations about the Netherlands: everyone is very tall. Everyone is very nice. Bicycles everywhere. Expensive to eat out. They don’t have drip coffee… Just Americanos. They have a deluxe kind of 7-11 here called Albert heijn to go which has awesome healthy things. Wish we had something similar. Holland is very flat. The cheese is amazing and they eat a lot of it. They all speak English.

I said so long to marten until the end of the month. Haley and marten are going to meet me and my friend on the 29th in Amsterdam. Who hoo!