So I’ve learned a few things about Europe in the past few days.

Car Rental in France

Very complicated. Particular when you think you are saving money by getting a fancy new Visa card which offers insurance on rental cars. Except for that clause I heard rumour of that if you waive the rental company’s insurance, you will have a hold put on the vehicle, for the full value of the vehicle. Seriously? I spent hours on the phone trying to confirm or deny this rumour, and nobody could help me. Until the heavens parted and I spoke with a service agent at Auto Europe, she was all over that shit. She said, yup, every one does it, it varies by firm and vehicle, and proceeded to tell me exactly how much each company charged. BAM! So I ended up booking through them also because it was $100 cheaper than the actual company’s website! WTF.

SIM cards

I may be a nerd but I didn’t quite understand what a SIM card did and that phones can be ‘locked’ to a carrier. Thanks to some friends and Rick Steeves I now fully understand. And will be promptly unlocking my phone (Rogers, you better do this for me)…. and purchasing a SIM card immediatlely upon my arrival in Holland. Roger’s overseas plans are a joke.