So definitely no paradise here in Belize. Parts of it seem sketchy to me but maybe I’m getting old. Spent on night in Hopkins which I was expecting to be laid back and hippy but instead was shifty and run down. When I asked the crazy lady at the guesthouse why she chose Hopkins to settle down she said it was an after death experience. Hard to argue with that kind of crazy.

When others in the village found out I was staying with crazy lady, they all gave this look and told me if I didn’t like it I should try the funky dodo this other guesthouse on the strip.

I seriously have no idea what the appeal of Hopkins is. I got out of there as soon as I could. I’m now in st Ignacio which has more tourist infrastructure and lots of outdoor activities. I met a local tour guide who took me to the local ruins at the top of the hill and to see a beautiful river with iguanas in the trees. He knows a lot about the local fauna and was getting me to taste various leaves etc and telling me the healing properties of others. We saw some small parakeets in the trees and a lovely bird I need to look up when I get home.

It sure would be nice to have some company right now. Feeling lonely :-(